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GAMEPREZ is an exciting new free-to-play web-gaming marketplace.

  1. Gamers: win cash prizes for high scores in competitive games
  2. Developers: earn revenue while sharing a game you developed
  3. Promoters: create targeted promotions for your products with competitions involving real-world cash and prizes

Regardless of whether you’re a hardcore developer, a marketing expert, or a gamer of any skill level, Gameprez is seeking beta testers to make our site better. Our mission is creating a symbiotic community mutually benefitting all of our users! Signup to our new beta feedback system at to receive your personal beta test invitation code via email.

Cash for highscores - Get paid to play!

GAMEPREZ Games are built on HTML5. Currently, valid games must be single-player games of skill with scoring systems such that higher scores are given to higher-skill players, with no upper-bound on highscores. The steps to develop for GAMEPREZ are as follows:

  1. Create your game. Make it as wild as you want!
  2. Integrate GAMEPREZ/JavaScript into your game.
  3. Compress your game into a zip archive.
  4. Upload the game through the GAMEPREZ Developer Dashboard. Choose which file contains the primary HTML.
  5. Test the game in the dashboard and click the submit button.
  6. Your submission will be published upon successful review!
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We provide revenue sharing, free gameserver, a secure score-tracking API, and access to our entire community of Gamers and Promoters.
We provide targeted advertising combining interstitial video with cash, gifts, and other rewards, as well as connecting you directly with game developers to provide fully-integrated user experiences.